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Your art is not for everybody and neither are you

Some time ago, I was listening to an episode of the Rob Cast (Rob Bell’s podcast, one of my favourite podcasts!) titled “It’s good to be you”. Throughout the episode, Rob repeatedly posed the question, "Is it good to be you?" My honest answer at that time was a resounding NO! Why? Because I found myself ensnared in a relentless cycle of comparison. I measured my life against others', scrutinising my accomplishments, critiquing my art, and so on. The comparing game, as it turns out, never works in our favour.

We often evaluate ourselves based on how others perceive us. Do they value us? Do they regard us as intelligent? Funny? Talented? However, this habit proves fruitless for numerous reasons.

What proves far more beneficial is delving into self-discovery: understanding your uniqueness, your quirks, your beauty, your humanity, and yes, even your flaws.

This is where practising any art can be immensely helpful.

After spending almost two decades painting, and guiding many people through the painting process, I know that one of the main struggles as an artist is to find your own voice — to create art that is authentically you, that expresses who you are.

To achieve this, you must first know yourself: be clear about what you like, what you don’t like, what ignites your passion, and what falls flat. And then, you must be willing to experiment, take risks, and yes, make countless mistakes.

When you eventually succeed in creating art that resonates deeply with your being, it's transformative. This isn’t about landing an exhibition at the MOMA. Perhaps you will, perhaps you won’t. That's beside the point. What matters is that you create art that you adore — art that makes you feel alive, liberated, and deeply connected with yourself; art that makes your heart sing with joy.

There is only one incarnation of you, housed within this singular body, at this precise moment in history. You are a marvel, a “unique constellation of attributes”. Embrace your uniqueness, cherish it, express it, and honour it.

This serves as your guiding star, your navigation system towards a fulfilled life, towards happiness.

Do you see that I'm not solely referring to art here? Art and life are intertwined. Both are internal journeys.

You create your life from the inside out. It all commences with you. The better you understand yourself, the more intimately you know your preferences, desires, and boundaries, the better equipped you are to shape a life that aligns with your essence.

It's simple.

Deep down, we all possess an innate understanding of what serves us and what doesn’t.

However, the challenge lies in our disconnection from ourselves. Often, we're so estranged from our own being that we struggle to discern who we truly are, let alone what aligns with our essence.

We need to relearn how to reconnect and listen.

It all begins with the ability to tune in, to enter a state of flow. From there, from this place of connectedness, everything flows effortlessly.

That’s it. It truly is that straightforward.

This is the sweet spot where you'll discover greater ease, freedom, joy, and a profound sense of aliveness.

Nature, painting, and somatic work all serve as potent gateways to deeper self-connection, enabling you to honour your true nature more fully.

I’d love to hear from you.

·      Do you celebrate your uniqueness?

·      Do you feel aligned with your true nature?

Leave a comment and let me know.

With Love Paola

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31 mar

Completely agreeing with you, the aim is to be close to our soul and create... Not to create for anyone else bur for myself, and from myself...

Me gusta
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