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Hi, I am Paola


I am a trainer and facilitator, worked in many countries and across different cultures.


My journey into painting and creativity started in 2007, while I was living in Uganda. I remember feeling a primal need to start putting some colours on paper. I bought myself a watercolour box: “Watercolour for dummies”.


I had absolutely no idea how to use watercolours and did not know what I would do with the box.


My mind did not know, but my soul knew. I followed my soul, literally one brushstroke at a time, and just started to put some colours on paper, just experimenting and having fun. 

In 2011, I went to Canada to attend a training organised by the World Bank. One day, I attended a presentation of a Creatively Fit Coach. What? Was there such a thing as “Creatively Fit Coach”? I remember looking at the logo and being so completely captured by it. It remained ingrained in my mind eye. 

I went back home that summer and started working on my new freelance consulting business.


One day I started researching the Creatively Fit logo and I suddenly discovered an entirely new world! I met my mentor Whitney Freya and fell instantly in love with her style, her energy, and her way of approaching art and creativity! 

Paola and Whitney.jpg

Me and Whitney in Italy

It’s been a magical journey. (still is) 

Painting is my sacred space, a spiritual practice (together with my other passions for meditation and nature). Painting feeds my soul, gives me joy, liberates my creative energy, revitalizes me, and carried me through some of the darkest moments of my life. 

Painting and creativity are my great love and my mission is to make this wonderful practice available to everyone. 


This is what I do in my workshops and in my courses, online and in-person. I love to share the creative sparks as much as possible and ignite your creative fire. 


Let’s do that together!        

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