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Follow the whispers of your intuition

(until it's not a whisper anymore)

In the video below I share a personal story of how I started to paint in 2007 by just listen to the whispers of my intuition.

It made absolutely no logical, practical sense.

But the whispers said: "pick up a brush and put blue colours on paper".

I could have ignored it. But I didn't. And magic followed:

Through pure serendipity, I discovered Whitney Freya and in 2012 I became a creatively fit coach.

We all hear that whisper sometimes, and mostly we ignore it. Have you ever thought something like: "if only I had listened to that little voice......" Because something inside you (a little whisper) was pointing you in a direction and you did not listen to that whisper.

I learned that I can tune in, and listen to that whisper. I learned that if I really tune in, quiet my mind, I can really trust that whisper. And the fact is that the more I listen and trust that voice, the stronger it becomes. That voice becomes stronger and stronger and it becomes easy to listen to her.

Our intuition has a lot to offer. I know we can all learn to trust our own intuition more.

So my invitation to you when you hear the soft gentle whisper of your intuition is to stop, tune in, listen deeply and follow.

Life is so much better when you do that.

Enjoy the video below.

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