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Well being and personal development for groups and individuals


From the Wednesdays spent together, I bring with me the sweetness of your voice, the attentive and discreet welcome that you have been able to give to each of us, your competence, passion, professionalism, and your playfulness. All my expectations were fully met.

Marinella M.

I've always been a restless person, I can't stop the mind that often overwhelms me. The Visual Diary helped me to "stop" this constant fluttering. I recommend this course because it is important for a woman to do something for herself without expectations and judgment.

Valentina C.

The course on the Visual Diary is rich and comprehensive. It nourished and enriched me with new awareness. I really enjoyed working alone and then sharing. I recommend this course because it leads to a deep self-discovery through our inner artist and fills you with joy.

Cinzia F.

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