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Why You Want To Paint

Since May I have had the joy of being one of the creativity guides in the Creatively fit coaching training with the amazing Whitney Freya.

I took this course back in 2021 and I lead the training course in Italian for a couple of years. It has been a wonderful experience. As part of the training, all participants and guides have been invited to join a 21 days facebook live challenge called #WhyYouWantToPaint. So I joined because it's fun!

Side note, I reserve the right to do it or not do it every day. Because and because I want to keep my sanity. But I will go live often and share from my heart the reasons why I love to paint.

For me, painting is an act of self-care, a moment to reconnect with myself, with my soul, with something bigger than myself and it's incredibly helpful to tend to my own energy. It never fails.

I think we can all use more self-care.

If you want to get some insights on Why You Want To Paint and how to use painting as a self-care practice, join my facebook group: Your Creative Life and join the conversation.

Below is a video I created today while I was creating in the park.

(p.s. If you are interested in joining the next creativity fit coaching training get in touch)

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