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What are you focusing on?

I spent the last month in the mountain, walking in the forest, jumping in lakes, rivers, streams, pools and fountains. I felt finally reconnected with nature after a year and a half.

I am rediscovering my wild nature. My need to stay connected to nature is wild and strong.

I have been back in the city now for a week and started working again. I am spending much more time inside and today I was really "aching" to be outdoor, in nature.

No forest here, but I am lucky enough to have some lovely parks around, so I went on my mission to reconnect with nature!

I was walking in the park and feeling frustrated because, of course, it is not a wild forest (duh!!!), and mopping around, kind of miserable because I could still hear the noises of the cars (again...duh!!!) and then....I heard the birds

And everything changed! I have been reminded that what I focus on grows.

I can focus on the noise of the cars, or I can focus on the birds singing. It's my choice.

But what I focus on, grows.

I made this video for you at the park. Enjoy.

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