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I spent my holidays in the mountains, in nature, wandering around forests and trees. It has been magical, relaxing, regenerating, and deeply healing.

We ARE nature, and being in nature is our natural state. When we are disconnected from nature we are out of alignment, out of touch with ourselves.

When I am in nature I feel more alive, I slow down, I see, and I hear myself so much more clearly. It is just magical. I don’t have to do anything, I just am and nature does the rest.

While I was in the mountains, I started to notice that I was attracted by water in all its forms (rivers, streams, lakes, fountains etc..) At every fountain, I found on my path I would spontaneously stop, drink, wash my hands, throw water on my face and on my hair. It felt so good! Freeing and wild!

And then I realised that this is EXACTLY what I was doing as a child! Aha!!!! That was giving me joy then and it is giving me joy now!

We all need more joy! I am absolutely certain of that. And sometimes we forget what gives us joy.

A very good way to reconnect with your joy is to REMEMBER what used to give you joy as a child?

What is that thing that made you happy for absolutely no reason! Find it and do just that!

This morning I did a soul scribble to start my day. This bird appeared in my scribble. And a world came to me: SANKOFA.

I didn’t remember the meaning of the word, so I looked it up and it means: “ You can go back and fetch it”. Yes, I can go back and fetch that thing that brings me joy!

The “soul scribble'' is so simple and so magical.

I will be offering soul scribble sessions soon. If you want to know more about it stay tuned and subscribe to my newsletter HERE to get all the news.

I am also putting together a new art experience inspired by water. So stay tuned for that as well.

Below is a picture of me (as a sweet wild child!) enjoying a water fountain in the mountains.

Love and creative sparkles


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