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Let your soul catch up with you

For me, art is a spiritual act. It is a moment to reconnect with something bigger than myself. And that changes everything.

I sometimes spend days running. Going fast, be efficient, just go, go, go.....

Sometimes, I really feel I need some time for myself.

I think we can all benefit from slowing down!

In a beautiful Commencement speech at the University of Toronto, Roberto Benigni said that we are going so fast that our souls can't catch up with us. That is so true. We are all going too fast and we leave our souls behind. Our souls don't run, they go with the divine timing. (We should talk about divine timing another time...)

We can't leave our souls behind. We need to slow down and let our souls catch up.

The things that help me to slow down and reconnect with my soul are my painting practice, meditation, and nature. That's my way to quiet the mind and listen. I think we can all benefit from listening to our souls a bit more. Do you feel that your soul was left behind? Do you want to reconnect with her, listen to what she has to say? (I assure you, she has a LOT to say). Try to spend time with your creativity, immerse yourself in colours, marks, play, relax. You don't even need to paint, just pull out a piece of paper, some markers, and just make one mark, and then another one, and another one, just lose yourself in the colours. See how you feel after ten minutes of that.

I made this video for you. I invite you to let your soul catch up.

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