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A guided journey to let go of the old and make space for the new

Deep down you know that there is something that you need to let go: a job, a place, a lifestyle, a person, a relationship, a feeling, you name it. 


Maybe the mere thought of “Letting go” makes something inside you cringe?


You find yourself thinking: “Maybe if I keep going things will get better”; or “I just need to hang on a little longer”.  


Change can be scary, and painful. And yet, there comes a time when letting go is simply unavoidable and necessary. 

“It hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on”

For years, I resisted the idea of “Letting go” of anything (feelings, people, situations, jobs). Instead, I mastered the art of “hanging on” and “powering through”.   

If someone would mention non-attachment and the importance of letting go of things, something inside of me would shout: “NO WAY!!!!! I am not letting that go!, I leave that to Zen monks!” 

Fast-forward to 2020, because that’s when things started to get REALLY, REALLY interesting, right?!?!? 

I don’t even know where to begin to list all the things that I had to let go in 2020: health; a study program that I loved immensely; a lovely community that I met in that program; my “solid” 5 years plan (neatly organised in clear steps); changes at work; financial security….and I could go on and on.

Every single time one of those things happened, I thought: “You must be joking!”

But NOPE, it was all real and happening. 

I had no choice on the matter. No matter how much I wanted to hang on to that thing, it just wasn’t possible.

While I was letting go of all those things,

I was creating space for new things to come into my life. 

AND they did! 

I started to let go with more ease and grace. 

I started to look at things with curiosity instead of fear. 

My brain switched from “No way I am going to let go of that!” to “Humm...ok, that’s interesting, what else is possible?” 

The journey feels so much lighter this way. 

In March 2020, I started to create an online course. I had something completely different in mind, a different plan, but THIS COURSE wanted to be created...and so, I did.  

Now, I know why...

How does the course work:

This is a four-week creative journey to let go of all the things you want to leave behind. 


You will discover how creativity can support your own letting go journey. 


Go within with guided meditations and journaling prompts.


Re-wire your thinking patterns with simple daily rituals.


We use the four natural elements (fire, water, earth, and air) to inspire and infuse our practices. Each week we work with the energy of a different element that will infuse all the exercises and practices of the week. 


We go deep, and we have fun!  

Paola Fabbri Art and Nature Coaching
Let go and create space for new possibilities!

What do you get:

  • Access to 21 videos leading you through creative exercises, meditations, and rituals

  • 4 downloadable PDF with journaling prompts 

  • 4 downloadable meditation audio files

  • A dedicated community where you can exchange experience, ask questions, and receive support

The logistics

Four weeks course (you have access for 8 weeks so that you can follow it at your own pace)

Each week you access:  

4 to 5 videos with 

  • introduction to the element (fire, water, earth, air) of the week 

  • a suggested simple ritual 

  • a creative exercises 

  • a meditation


A downloadable PDF with journaling prompts 


A downloadable audio file with the meditation of the week

Access to a dedicated online community


There is a reason why you are here.


If something is telling you that it's time to learn how to let go of something, enrol NOW.

THIS is the time

Take a sneak peek into the course

How does the course work?
The four pillars

Coming soon

Email me for details. 

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