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 My manifesto

I believe that art and creativity are deeply connected with our life essence. As human beings we are creators, we are all artists, in a constant state of creation.


I believe that art is vital. Through the arts, we can reconnect with our soul, give expression to it and nourish it.  


I believe that art and creativity is our birthright. It doesn’t belong to a few “chosen ones”, rather it belongs to everyone. We just have to claim it, use it, explore it, and abandon ourselves to it. 

I believe that art is (or can be, if we allow it) the language of our intuition. A language that many have forgotten and we don’t know how to use anymore. 


I believe that science and rationalism are important and have given humanity many gifts (for which I am extremely grateful), AND, I also believe that it's time to make room for other types of knowledge. A knowledge that is more connected with intuition, art, creativity and emotions. In the words of Alexander Shaia, I believe that it's the time to bring together heart and mind. 


“Room is now being made for other ways of thinking: for music and art, for emotion and spirit” (Alexander Shaia).  


I believe that we are at a crossroad where we need to step away from duality and embrace integration. It is not anymore this OR that, but rather this AND that.

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